SUP adventures offers one of a kind adventures both in Latvia and abroad for small groups of adventurers. We are made for those with an urge to discover new and unbelievably beautiful places, meet interestign personalities, get some cultural experience, and also for those eager to discover themselves from a completely new perspective. When making SUP adventure groups, we follow the safety standards of the ASI (Academy of Surfing Insructors), which does not only set the optimal size of the groups so that there are enough instructors and guides, but also the weather conditions needed so that adventures are always safe and sound. The relatively small groups let us ensure high level of safety so that we can help you develop a perfect paddleboarding technique, be always available for questions&help as well as creates a pleasant and cosy atmosphere in the group often leading to the creation of new friendships. Our SUP paddleboarding experience has been developing since 2010, so you can be absolutely certain that we will make sure that your SUP experience is full of positive vibes only!

Swamp is a fantastic and mysterious place with a magical energy - especially early in the morning. When the sun shines over the little, forked trees and bushes, and a light smoke has laid over the swamp, that's a true fairytail...

Make sure that your best friend, your colleague or even your grandmother has the chance to experience their own adventure on a SUP board. The expiration date of a gift card is 101 years after purchase.


SUP masterclass

This SUP masterclass course will be useful for everyone. For those who will do it's first strokes as well for those who already are with his expirience and even for those who want to teach others. Course is based on ASI SUP courses.


Epic Rummu

Have you heard about Rummu karjäär in Estonia? Even if you haven't we are quite sure that you saw it somewhere in pictures. We want to offer to you most epic SUP adventure in Baltics. Explore the Rummu from SUP board.


Facebook talks:

''I went to SUP fitness. New, amazing experience, positive emotions only."
/Elita Vītola/

"Great service and a very personal attitude! Will certainly do this again!"
/Santa Roze/

"Thank You Kristaps for the super cool early morning adventure! Paddleboarding in the swamp was amazing, but that hike in the pitch dark morning with our boards on the backs was simply magic."
/Krista Bērts/

"Even if you experience a massive failure, there is always the second chance, but only if you are ready to admit your mistakes... We are happy that we gave each other this second chance instead of ending this with negativity! The adventure was fantastic, exciting, for some of us also pretty wet... :D Thanks to Laura for the attractiveness, interest, joy of life... ;)"
/Iveta Briede/

"Thank you for the beautiful and magical sunrise welcoming in the swamp. A special thanks to Mārtiņš for guiding."
/Sindija Fridenberga/

"The sunrise welcoming in the swamp with SUP is a truly wonderful and amazingly organized event. Everything was exactly as described. Beautiful adventure both for those with paddleboarding experience and for those trying it for the first time. And of course, the fabulously beautiful swamp... recommended!:)"
/Agnese Grabovska/

"Thanks for the adventure around Ķīpsala! We discovered a whole new world to us, overcame our fears, and had some great time! Thanks for the great trip, for the dose of inspiration and for the support! See you soon :)"
/Nana Brante/

"Emotions from the sunrise trip in the swamp are simply impossible to put in any words! It is a true romance, magic, it is fantastic! Thanks for the super professional instructions and organization! Highly recommend to all of nature and adventure lovers out there."
/Jevgenija Petruhina/

"Time simply flew away!!! A fantastic adventure in the Rummu quarry! Well organized, our guide Laura was perfect!!! A massive thank you for doing this!!!"
/Laila Deksne-Maļkova/

"A fantastic adventure, and a lovely morning with a sunset! Brilliant instructor, for me as a beginner everything was totally understandable! Will certainly do this again and recommend for others to try too :)"
/Barbara Baiba/

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